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Rebel Flag Bikini Top

rebel flag flip flops


Rebel Flag Flip Flops Sold By: Southern Sisters
Sizes: Junior Sizes That Tend To Run Small

Available Sizes: 5/6 (small), 7/8 (medium), 9/10 (large)

(Choose your size when you check out!)
(All Sizes Currently In Stock)

LIST PRICE: $17.95
SALE PRICE: $12.95
YOU SAVE: $5.00



Rebel Flag Flip Flops with Stars and Bars on the Pad and on the Thong!.

We Offer a Guaranteed Good Fit! We stock this item which means that you get super fast shipping and you get this at super low prices! We sip from Atlanta Ga.

  • 6.1 oz weight
  • We Carry 3 Sizes In This Flip Flop
  • Super Comfortable and Waterproof
  • We Also offer the Entire Rebel Flag Bikini
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